University Planning

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The University Integrated Planning Office supports the President and University Senior Leadership with data-informed research, analysis, and modeling in three key areas:

  • ABOR and Tri-University Initiatives
  • University Strategic Goals and Metrics
  • External Multi-Year and Future Opportunity Strategy and Planning

The University Planning Office leverages data and data science to guide the planning process

University Planning Projects

Arizona Innovation Alliance


The Arizona Innovation Alliance is a new tri-university partnership to enhance public higher education in Arizona through student success, technology solutions, cost-effectiveness, and sharing best practices. Its structure encourages collaboration for innovation and sharing best practices that achieve the Arizona Board of Regents’ promise of access and attainment while increasing quality, affordability, and efficiency.


External Benchmarking


Benchmarking provides a comprehensive analysis of the higher education landscape across public degree-granting institutions. This information supports the University of Arizona’s understanding of how well we perform in meeting our education, research, and engagement responsibilities.


ABOR Enterprise Goals & Metrics


ABOR Goals and Metrics are are used to review the University's productivity in: student enrollment, retention and graduation; research and development; and public impact. They are updated annually, and future year forecasts and goals are established based on historic actuals using statistical modeling, emerging trends in higher education, and input from major campus stakeholders. See ABOR's webpage for key metrics.


University Public Service


The University is applying for classification from the Carnegie Foundation. This requires an evidence-based documentation of institutional practice to be used in a process of self-assessment and quality improvement. Find out more about our Carnegie Community-Engagement Classification application. 


Planning Partners

Strategic Planning Budget Advisory Committee | Chief Financial Officer | Office of Budget and Planning | Financial Services Office | Health Sciences | Research, Innovation, and Impact | University Planning, Design, and Construction | Division of Human Resources

Key Personnel

Katie Van Renterghem

Katie Van Renterghem

Planning Analyst, University Planning

Mary Venezia

Mary Venezia

Chief of Staff, Enrollment Management


Melanie Hingle

Melanie Hingle

Associate Professor, School of Nutritional Sciences & Wellness

Lauren Isley

Lauren Isely

Principal Data Analyst, University Planning